TOOLS DISCLAIMER: A BIG WARNING!: I DONĀ“T WILL TAKE ANY RESPONSABILITY FOR THE USE OF THESE PROGRAMS. IF A STUPID PERSON OR GROUP USE IT TO MAKE SOMETHING BAD OR MALWARE NOT IS MY FAULT. THESE TOOLS IS FOR PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION AND MORE THINGS IN THE FUTURE. REMEMBER IT! Yunpan Helper Tool - A little program maked in 2014 for crypt and decrypt (using AES) with ECDSA digital signature and hash checks. Support any type of file, but remember the limits of memory of the Java Virtual Machine. First read the readme in package for understand all, :) For suspicious people, the check in VirusTotal today. The password for the file is "Valthek" without quotes. MD5 HASH: fe408cd3b901775edc74e04425949dec SHA1 HASH: ac76bfff26bac7a5e4a6876fb84525031edb9e7b