My name is Valthek. I work in InfoSec as malware analyst, programmer, auditor, and more things. This webpage is only a page with my opinions and information about my reversing sessions that i want share. My exploits sections with my CVE. My tools section with my own tools (oldest and perhaps new). My crackmes section with my own crackmes (oldest and newest). All opinions are mine (NOT of my employer,etc). ----------------------------------- Please, if you like my works and my reports and you want/can i will glad if you donate some cryptocurrency: BTC: 15m4TRVCKXX5CM2PAN4qvTVLj6yZMHoMQd DASH: XnjsG2A9HRgPnQAScssQyGBr6gYCv9LZHw ----------------------------------- We have some members in this group: Fare9, Malware Analyst, Researcher and Exploit expert. ----------------------------------- If you want contact me about freelance job, share opinion, or whatever you want send me a mail. You can send me some message using Telegram too. lucky PGP key